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Career path 

 True career path is one that :

1) Speaks to a child's passions - A career that does not connect with a child's passions will affect their performance in the long term. A career that is in line with a child's passions will motivate them to excel every step of the way.For example, a child might be passionate about languages. A career in finance may not motivate them to give it their 100%.

2) Aligns with their strengths - It is important that a child choose a career that matches their strengths. For example, a child may be interested in a career aerospace. However, their poor aptitude for science or mathematics may limit the success they might be able to achieve.

3) Has potential for growth - Choosing a career based on strength and passion alone without considering the scope for it may not be sustainable for a child's future. Or, the skills and knowledge they learn will be wasted if the chosen industry does not have a bright outlook. For example, a child might be interested in. Discovering a child's true career path involves:

A scientific approach:Scientific tests and a complex algorithm to uncover a child's true potential and match their passion and strengths to the right career and education path.

Exploring 250+ career options: All researched and converted into guide books validated by industry practitioners.

Authentic data: On 200+ colleges, 100+ exams, 100+ special courses, and 15 of India's best tutorials.

Individual attention: Every child gets 3 one-to-one sessions to find a true career path.

End-to-end decisions: From career, stream and electives to exams, tutorials and college.

Therefore, career path counselors  at Jaga Praja Seva Trust are ever ready active members to help and guide students to a bright and successful future. To know more or receive your career path counselling session, click here to contact our experts !

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