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Food For Needy

In this technology hub called Bangalore, there even exists a section of society that struggle to get one square meal. Through this program, Jaggat Praja Seva Trust is helping such people overcome their distress.

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Cow Protection

The main policy of Jaggat Praja Seva Trust is " serving god through service to animals and humans. It has established a goshala in Bangalore to serve and take care of cows in and around the locality.

Plantation Project

As a part of our Environment
building program, Jaggat Praja
Seva Trust has started planting
valuable trees such as parijata,
gooseberry, periwinkle etc. 

Reviving Cultural Values

Over 200+ Indian cultural heritage books were distributed to various schools in Bangalore, with an intention to inculcate the students of this age on our grand old Indian tradition. These books are benefiting over ten thousand students via school libraries across Bangalore.

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