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In this fast ever - growing modern era, the scenario heavily is in need of Value Education. The generation has progressed from ancient Indian culture is enriched with value adhering principles and it is shameful to see that Indian themselves are giving in to characterless lives.  Therefore the scenario demands for Value Education in order that the Future leaders of the world grow to become honest, disciplined and well-conducted Human beings.


The need of Jaggat praja seva trust Intellectual services in today’s world:

  • Moral awareness- Moral awareness should enhance the progress in science and technology towards the latest trends.

  • Shared values- This will enhance the traditional and social benefits of the person which is essential for the nation to develop.

  • Consciously plan value education- This will establish formal learning as sometimes teachers pass values both consciously and unconsciously. There should be encouragement of only conscious values.

  • Enhance thinking ability- The value education enhance your thinking ability and moral values. The mental and social thinking increases to enhance good value towards society.

Therefore, subject experts at Jagat Praja Seva Trust ® have come up with a curriculum of Value Education and career path counselling for Youth and Adults to enhance their overall character and make them responsible Indian citizens. Our services are divided into two major aspects:

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