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“Just as water washes away dirt, and light from a fire dispels darkness, similarly Charity cleanse sin.”

The charity of food for needy has been and will continue to be an essential part of India’s Vedic culture.of hospitality from which this idea was born. ‘Food of the needy’ is an initiative undertaken by the JPS Trust focusing on the distribution of prasadam (food offered to God) among people from all walks of life in the vicinity.  Sathvik food is prepared by expert cooks, offered to the Lord and then distributed by devotees on festival days. Also, on every Amavasya, at least 3000 people are provided tasty prasadam – this is funded by patrons and sponsors who also get the satisfaction that their contribution has been put to the best use in feeding the needy.  Further, such prasadam is also distributed among nearby villages during festival days

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