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The environmental situation of our country is very precarious. Global warming, depletion of ozone, greenhouse effect​ etc. are very few of the many problems our environment faces. Keeping this in mind, Jaggat Praja Seva Trust has started a plantation project along the streets near magadi main road and thereby contributing towards the conservation of the environment. Some of the remarkable features that can be attributed to this project's artistry are:

  • Use of structurally large trees with very tall, straight trunks that form excellent sprawling  crowns.

  • The use of indigenous species that are hardy, sturdy and durable that makes them easy to grow and maintain. They are able to withstand the extreme environmental pollution from toxic automobile exhausts that  usually threaten delicate trees.

  • Evergreen varieties of trees used which lends to year-round green effect and protection from severe weather conditions.

  • The entire expanse of open space between the concrete buildings and roads covered, creating a soothing visual effect.

  • Use of plants that good for the world, both environmentally and spiritually.

In order to help us with this project or get in touch with us, click here.

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