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Value education

Values are guiding principles of life, which are conductive to one’s physical, social and mental health. Inculcation of desirable values is felt necessary through the education and for this purpose teachers, the educational institutions and society in general should be prepared.


The urgent need of the hour is for a curriculum that addresses the needs of our children and youth in the values like punctuality, neatness, dignity of labour, sportsmanship, equality, brotherhood, patriotism, cooperation, tolerance, respect for elder, non-violence, national integrity etc.


An education system interlinked with our cultural heritage on one hand and economic and scientific, development on the other is only viable medium to take us successfully ahead towards 21st century. It is universal outlook that leads to the banishment of all evil influences may they be superstitions, hatreds or intolerance. As part of the Value education initiative, JPS Trust has been seeking to facilitate VALUE EDUCATION for the youth and school children. This is  achieved through focussed sessions based on a clear curriculum that factors the needs of the current generation, regular counselling at the community level, education tools, materials teachers’ training initiatives and other facilitators – all of these are provided by the trust free or minimal costs.


Objective of the Value education initiative is to combine our rich Vedic wisdom with the techniques and technologies of of modern education to equip the children and make them ready to face the ever-changing challenges of the material world.

Therefore, we at Jaggat Praja Seva Trust are trying to help humanity by training the masses in value education at various levels:

  •  Value Education for Youth

  •  Value Education for Adults

  • Value Education for Kids (coming soon)

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